Download Film Salam dari Anak-anak Tergenang 2015

Salam dari Anak-anak Tergenang (2015)

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Download Film Salam dari Anak-anak Tergenang 2015 The Film focuses the story of the fate of children who become victims of the Jatigede Reservoir, Sumedang with 37 minutes.

Tells the story of Dilla. Dilla is one of the thousands of children who will lose his hometown, because of the construction of Jati Gede Dam. Dilla and the other children affected by the construction of the Jatigede Dam will lose their memories, hopes, laughter, Canda, friendship and dreams there.

Dilla’s life and friends are haunted by the shadows of the dam that will drown his hometown. However, they are trying to get tough and use the rest of their time, to learn, play, and spend time together, which makes the relationship between them even closer, before they will be separated. Through this film they reveal what they are feeling, fear, anxiety and sadness. In fact they are trying to give a solution, to the problem they are facing. They hope the world knows, that they still exist and want to be heard.