Nonton Film Dia Pasti Datang 2016 Streaming Online Gratis Kualitas HD

Dia Pasti Datang (2016)

Genre: Horror
Quality: Year: Duration: 83 Min

Nonton Film Dia Pasti Datang 2016 Streaming Online Gratis Kualitas HD Larasati is a beautiful and kind 23-year-old girl who lives in Purwakarta. He is very loved by the orphans he fostered, even considered as their own parents.

Daeng Karim, a handsome young sub-district head is Larasati’s fiancé who plans to marry her in the near future. Larasati is friendly with Alya, even though only through cyberspace.

On one occasion, they collaborated on a dance performance (in the context of field work practices) which was also Larasati’s last stage – not only because they wanted to get married, but because afterwards he was killed and persecuted by two men, Anto and Fendy, after eating a performance offer.

They are drunk and also have a grudge against Alya, because they have been humiliated in public as village children who do not know themselves.

Fendy and Anto regret not playing, because what they want to persecute is Alya, a student from Jakarta who made them hold grudges.

But it is wrong to make them attack Larasati, because the stage clothes that were previously used by Alya, are now worn by Larasati, because Alya has given them as a wedding gift. Fendy’s and Anto’s regrets did not stop there.

Larasati as a soul entered Alya’s body, demanding revenge for his death with a variety of terror, which then made Fendy and Anto killed with unfortunate. Filmkeren21